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Los Osos Oaks State Reserve

[Los Osos Oaks]
A Magnificent Coast Live Oak


Welcome to Los Osos Oaks State Reserve - An Introduction

This serene and unspoiled 85-acre area is located about one mile south east of the town of Los Osos on Los Osos Valley Road. A one-mile long self-guiding trail wanders through a grove of coast live oaks including some mature oaks that are no more than six to eight feet in height. These dwarfed oaks grow in the mineral depleted soil of ancient ("reflict") sand dunes. A wide range of plants and animals can be seen here including three kinds of lichens not found elsewhere.

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Nature Guided Walks and Programs

For those interested in the natural history of the reserve, Contact the the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History at (805)772-2694 for a list of docent led walks in this beautiful area.

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Additional Information

For more information on Los Osos Oaks State Reserve contact the agencies listed below.
  • Morro Bay Museum of Natural History

  • State Park Road
    Morro Bay, CA 93442
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